Software components

Highlights Invantive software release build 43

This cumulative release contains our business solutions together with new versions of the technology components. New versions of the following products are contained in this cumulative release:

  • Invantive Estate: software for more control on real estate projects;
  • Invantive Vision: software to improve projects;
  • Invantive Producer: development environment with a real-time data warehouse, as well as SDK for Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision;
  • Invantive Control: software for controlling Excel to use for implementing calculation models in Microsoft, whereby the data is stored in a central database;
  • Invantive Composition: integration of the Document Management System which is part of Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision with Microsoft Word;
  • Invantive Query Tool: interactive and secured consulting of business objects in Invantive Producer based business solutions; reporting and modifying.
  • Invantive Studio: graphical development environment for the metadata of a real-time data warehouse.

Presentation highlights Invantive software

PDF format In this presentation the main changes are highlighted for key users, programmers and consultants.


The cumulative release is available for free for all relations with a current maintenance agreement for the concerned products. For installation you can contact our Professional Services department by phone number +31 88 0026500 or e-mail us at