Software features Invantive Vision

  • Project planning and Execution

    integral view on area development
    • Monitor the project development and budget with time travel.
    • Clear view on remaining risks, preconditions and assumptions.
    • Online and Microsoft Outlook interface.
    • PRINCE 2, ITIL, ISO and CMM supported.
  • Business Process Management

    Business process management software
    • Integrated workflow engine.
    • Flexible authorization per workflow category.
    • Authorization on limits, roles and involvements.
    • Automatic forwarding of processes.
  • Workforce Management

    workforce management software
    • Forecasting of labor, workload and staffing.
    • Real-time tracking to manage time, attendance and hours worked.
    • Control cost and spendings in real-time.
    • Online and Outlook based allocation, planning and management.
  • Real-time Business Intelligence

    Real-time business intelligence software
    • Integrated full audit trail and real-time database.
    • Create, modify, save and share reports instantly.
    • Optimize process performance and develop new business.
    • Create reports in multiple formats.
  • Sales

    Sales automation software example
    • Optimize your sales force planning per individual professional, channel and activity.
    • Manage sales activities online and with Outlook.
    • Track earnings by the hour per sale or lead.
    • Track and monitor support tickets from submission to resolution.
  • Marketing

    Marketing automation software example
    • Initiate, plan, schedule, execute and monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns online or with Microsoft Outlook.
    • Monitor individual channel campaigns progress and revise your strategies.
    • create special offers and convert leads into customers.
    • Integrated DMS en CRM system.
  • Document Management System

    Online document management system
    • Save, secure, route, access and audit documents and images from any location.
    • Information access authorized on limits, rules, roles and involvements.
    • Flexible metadata and real-time database.
    • Microsoft Outlook integration.
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