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Invantive B.V. Consulting

Invantive provides you with software solutions to achieve your goals. To maximize the outcome of your investment it can be necessary to complete your software purchase with Invantive consulting services. Invantive consulting services ensures you that you get the most from your software purchase. All our consultants use the products every working day in various fields of business.


There are several models available. Based upon the actual requirements, data volume and expectations on the process Invantive will provide you with a quote:

  • Technical Consulting: the work involves solely technical knowledge of an Invantive product.
  • Principal Consultant: the work involves technical and functional knowledge of an Invantive product.

Things to note

  • The work is provided on a best-effort basis from the premises of Invantive between 8:00 and 18:00 CET.
  • Communication takes place using email, TeamViewer and phone.
  • Travel costs & expenses within the Netherlands are covered by the rate when the consultant spends 8 hours on your premises in one day.
  • Intellectual property: this remains with Invantive unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise.
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