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Fixed Price Invantive SQL Provider
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Invantive B.V. Fixed Price Invantive SQL Provider

SQL Provider

A SQL provider connects the Invantive SQL engine with a new data platform such as a specific file format or a cloud application with APIs. Each instance of the use of such a provider is called a "data container".


  • Salesforce.
  • XML audit files.


There are several fixed price services in terms of complexity. Invantive will provide you with a quote based upon the actual requirements, data volume and expectations on the process:

  • Simple: read data from the connected platform. Involves all of standard-based API, stable and well-performing API, few APIs or well-structured metadata.
  • Medium: read data from the connected platform. Involves all of stable and well-performing API.
  • Complex: read from and/or write data to the connected platform. Involves any of large API, multiple standards, intermittent failures, outdated technology, read and write access.

For all services for providers we require that a free sandbox environment is available and at least 1.000 customers globally.

Fixed Price

These services can be purchased at a fixed price after analysis and approval on the agreed upon requirements by Invantive. When standardized fixed price services do not match the needs, we will offer a solution based upon time & material or custom fixed price.

Things to note

Please note:

  • Access: you provide at your cost access to the databases and/or cloud applications from the premises of Invantive through TeamViewer and/or direct cloud access. Your database and/or application supplier might charge additional costs for these to you.
  • Guidance: large parts of the work will be executed in close co-operation between a knowledgeable employee of your organisation and a consultant. This requires that your employee is dedicated available on the phone or TeamViewer when the consultant works on the project. In practice, this will not always be the case. This employee will also address issues raised with your organisation. In general, we recommend to reserve a number of hours equal to the price of the service divided by EUR 100.
  • Acceptance: when a deliverable is shipped for acceptance test, any remarks on the functionality must be communicated to Invantive within two weeks including reproduction scenario. The deliverables are understood to have been accepted when this period has passed wit no remarks received.
  • Subscription: the deliverables of the services require Invantive products to run them. Our consultant will use their own subscription during development. You need to have an active subscription when you start using the deliverables for test or production purposes. Typical all fixed price services require the All Cloud Edition of the associated Invantive product unless stated otherwise.
  • Maintenance: things change over time; the Invantive application, database or cloud application change, the volume of data increases, etc. Deliverables of this services will need maintenance. Maintenance for bugs accepted by Invantive is covered by an active subscription on a product which bundles the SQL function. Maintenance for functionality considered a change requires a new project.
  • Intellectual property: this remains with Invantive, but you can use the new provider as long you have an active subscription on an Invantive product with which the provider is bundled.

Money-back guarantee

These services come with a money-back guarantee: Invantive provides a full refund when Invantive does not ship an accepted deliverable. You only loose the investment in your time. This money-back guarantee makes it easier for Invantive to provide you with a cost-effective quote when we think the project is feasible. Small projects often otherwise require a costly analysis on feasibility.

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