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Fixed Price Analysis Non-standard Deployment
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Invantive B.V. Fixed Price Analysis Non-standard Deployment

Deployment Analysis

The software of Invantive is tested and certified for deployment in a range of Windows versions for desktop and server use installed using the standard Microsoft-provided installation.

However, system administrators can choose to apply policies, install additional software and/or run scripts on log on and log off to change the environment managed by Microsoft Windows. These changes often have an impact on whether Invantive products can be installed and used the first time and every next time. Such changes are not certified nor covered by the support offered with subscription. These changes in combination with Invantive software may require additional changes by your system administrator or a different approach to installing and using Invantive software.

The deployment analysis is a service provided to help your system administrator and our support team to assess the possibilities for deploying Invantive software within your organization. The actual work based upon this assessment can be executed by your system administrator or we can provide you at a hourly rate with a system administrator.


There are no other models. Currently we only offer a standard assessment for deployment on Windows terminal server/Citrix.

Fixed Price

These services can be purchased at a fixed price. When these standardized fixed price services do not match the needs, we will offer a solution based upon time & material or custom fixed price.

Things to note

Please note the following:

  • Access: you provide at your cost access to the environment from the premises of Invantive through TeamViewer. Your IT-supplier might charge additional costs for these to you.
  • Guidance: large parts of the work will be executed in close co-operation between a knowledgeable employee of your organisation and a support engineer. This requires that your employee is dedicated available on the phone and TeamViewer when the support engineer works on the assessment. This employee will also address issues raised with your organisation. In general, we recommend to reserve one hour of time of your employee.
  • Subscription: the analysis can be executed using a trial version of an Invantive software product. No active subscription needs to be in place.
  • Intellectual property: this remains with Invantive, but you are free to copy, sell, change and publish the deliverables.

Money-back guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee since these services are only assessments of the current situation and possibilities to get the Invantive software running.

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